#AyannaUnplugged “Here” (Guitar by Baba Bigelowe)

Ayanna Charlene - Here (Guitar by Baba Bigelowe))#AyannaUnplugged “Here” (Guitar by Baba Bigelowe)

Who’s ready for another #AyannaUnplugged cover? Ayanna loves “Here” by Alessia Cara. She teamed up with Baba Bigelowe and @DJSupe at #TheSafeRoomStudios to put this amazing cover together for her fans…AS A FREE DOWNLOAD!

She is also a student of music. Circa 1994, the group Portishead realeased a song called “Glory Box”. Along with DJ Supe, homage was paid to this song by freaking the lyrics a bit to incorporate a unique twist.

Baba Bigelowe added a simplistic yet infectious rhythm with guitar licks to compliment the melancholy mood.

We hope you download, listen, and listen again! ENJOY!!!

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